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Discover the beauty of the COREWOOD Collection, where each line, from Nature to Polar, captures the essence of nature's artistry. Our prefnished hardwood floors bring the essence of the outdoors into your home.


The COREWOOD collection offers the pinnacle of sophistication with exquisite wide plank European wood designed to elevate your space with sustainable elegance. This collection is second to none, with many years and countless hours of research and development dedicated to perfecting its resilient design.

The true worth of a wooden floor often becomes evident over time, with crucial details hidden beneath the surface. Let us illustrate what makes COREWOOD distinct from other wooden floors and why the following features are of paramount importance.



Symmetrical Plank Construction

The COREWOOD collection has been crafted with precision, it features a top layer of 4 mm European solid oak, reinforced by a middle layer of a pine finger core and enclosed once again at the bottom with a 4 mm European solid oak. This design ensures stability ranging from 20% to 80%. The strength of the Oak throughout the product provides exceptional resilience, specifically engineered for our North American climate.


This results in an equally strong counterpull that significantly reduces wood movement, including swelling and shrinkage. When using a light species of wood as a core stabilizer, the probability of product strength and performance becomes compromised. With a Valinge license enabling glueless Click 5G connection or traditional tongue-and-groove joints, installation is seamless

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Evolutionary Surface
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The inherent strength of Oak ensures exceptional resilience, specifically crafted for the North American climate. COREWOOD planks feature a natural oiled hybrid finish that enhances the wood's natural characteristics with a stunning 3D effect. Initially, the wood is brushed with natural oil, allowing ample time for curing so the oils can deeply penetrate. Once cured, a hybrid top coat is applied, sealing in the wood's natural beauty and preserving its color. This process results in a raised, anti-slip surface with a pleasant feel, perfect for walking barefoot.


We think GREEN

Our COREWOOD engineered product features exquisite wide plank European lumber, cured and finished locally in Ontario. Using pine as the core of our hardwood floors offers a more sustainable and environmentally friendly choice compared to spruce.

Pine trees grow significantly faster than spruce, making them a more renewable resource that can be efficiently harvested and replanted. This rapid growth helps maintain forest ecosystems and ensures a steady supply of material, reducing pressure on slower-growing species. Pine's robustness and workability make it ideal for flooring cores, providing durability and stability. 



To offer our clients the finest product experience from start to finish, we promise to uphold the utmost standards of professionalism and integrity. With an unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and client satisfaction, we stand as your premier partner for all hardwood flooring solutions.


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